Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How to earn money from Mywapblog.com website The mobile blog which can makes you rich

Mywapblog is a Free mobile blog platform that help you create your blog for Free and make it accessible all over the globe.

Mywapblog also gives you an opportunity to post your photos, videos etc. And show them to the world. All this are for Free! Mywapblog will also give you the ability to chat with other bloggers on their Network via their Chatroom when you register as a Blogger.

Mywapblog is an easy to use mobile blogging platform. Once you register with Mywapblog, they will give you something like this yourname.mywapblog.com as your website url. 

Mywapblog has many customized themes awaiting your arrival. You can also change or edit your CSS via their default CSS. 

Mywapblog blogging platform is optimized and developed specifically for the mobile Bloggers. Now forget email-to-post services, don't be worried. You will be able to blog right from your mobile's web browser. 

Not only this you can earn a good amount of money from your blog.Steps for how to earn money from your blog

•Register and make your blog
•Click on Dashboard >>>Ads than choose Ads network like Adsense,uc-union etc I suggest you to Choose uc-union because for new blogger it is best it will approve your sites in 3 working days but in adsense it may required  some months 
• click here to register on uc union
•while registering in uc union type Hafizul01 in referral name to get 30% of our website Income
•Add your blog to google search engine to get traffic
•Upload high quality post to get high traffic and earn money

Higher traffic will increase your earning value you can earn Thousands of money 

How to connect or Add your Mywapblog.com website to google search engine

Blog is the easiest way to get huge traffic and earn money.In this post we will share How to connect or add your Mywapblog.com website or blog

  • First of all you need to log-in to Google Webmaster Tools : register for Google Webmaster Tools .
  • Click on the "Add a Site" Red Button .
  • Enter your MyWapBlog full site address inside the Text-area and click on the "Continue" Button .
  • Now click on the "Alternate Method" and click on the check-box which pointed to "Html tag" and copy the "Html tag" Text to your clipboard .
Meta Tag From Google Webmaster Tools
  •  Now log-in to your MyWapBlog A/c and click on the "Blog Verification" and paste the "Meta tag ID" To the "Meta Content" Text-box and click on the "Save" Button .
  • Now click on the "Verify" Red Button , and click on the "Continue" Button .
  • Now you need to click on the "Sitemaps" Tab and click on the "Add/Test Sitemap" Red Button .
  • Now you need to fill the "Text-box" With "sitemap.xml" and click on the "Submit Sitemap" Blue Button .
  • Adding Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
    • You are Done . 
    • Your site will be indexed on Google Search Engine with in a weak after you adding your site on Google Webmaster Tools .

Meta Tag Id